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Open every Tuesday

3PM - 5PM

Open every Thursday

2PM - 4PM; 7PM - 9PM

The Healing Rooms of the Heartland offers sensitive prayer for those in need of healing.

It's a ministry committed to serving the sick through the ministry of God's Healing Word, the power of His Presence, and compassionate prayer. 

We believe it is God's will for the sick to be healed and that the power of Jesus Christ is available to all who ask. 

If you are looking for a touch from God, we invite you to come and receive. 

  • No Fees
  • Come As You Are
  • No Appointment Necessary

What are Healing Teams? A "Healing Team" is a group of uniquely trained, sensitive, and compassionate believers in Jesus Christ who have received a Pastor's reference, been thoroughly trained, and interviewed. All churches are welcome to participate in the Healing Rooms ministry. Training sessions are held several times a year.

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