Healing Rooms of the Heartland

1 Peter 2:24  ..."by his wounds you have been healed."    

Revelation 19:10 "...Worship God!  For it is the Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus."  

Clogged Tear Duct Healed By Prayer

Two of the Healing Rooms volunteers prayed for Drew and gave him a word from the Bible.  One of the volunteers said he saw the Lord wiping Drew's eyes with his thumbs.  Shortly there after, Drew's eyes were healed. 

Drew's eye no longer was matted, red, or swollen. In fact, the surgery was cancelled.  Praise God!

Restless Leg Syndrome and Arthritis Gone

LaWana cam to the Healing Rooms a few months ago needing prayer for restless leg syndrome and arthritis.

After receiving prayer, there has been no pain in her arms and the restless leg syndrome left as well.

All Pain Left In The Name Of Jesus

Mary had nausea, sweating, and unbearable twisting and cramping every night.

She came to the Healing Rooms for prayer.  The prayer team prayed for her body and afterwards, she said she was healed!  She no longer had those particular symptoms at night.

Back And Knee Pain Is Healed

Carmen came to the Healing Rooms with back and knee pain.

The Healing Rooms team prayed for her.  They prayed that her legs would come into alignment.  SHE ACTUALLY FELT HER RIGHT LEG MOVE!  With her legs now in alignment her back no longer hurt.  She no longer had pain!!

Hands Plagued By Warts Are Now Healed

Adrianna started getting warts on her left hand several years ago which eventually spread to her right hand.

The Healing Team prayed for Adrianna and gave her a word.  They told her that the enemy was attacking her hands because God wanted to use them!    The Team prayed that the infection  would leave in Jesus name.  

After years of band aids, duck tape, and wart meds, her hands were healed in couple weeks. Over the course of those weeks,  Adrianna watched all the warts disappear. 

Prayer For Guidance From God Brought Prosperity

Dave and Karen came to the Healing Rooms looking for a word concerning changing jobs.

After receiving prayer, they were given a word that The Lord had already Taken The Land!  Stepping in faith, Dave quit his job and the two of them started a new company.  God indeed opened many new doors and sent them many new customers.  Now they are making the same amount of money as they were when Dave left his old job.  They said their business is growing so fast and they truly feel they have Taken The Land!

Healing Rooms Kids Prayed For Miracle

Katherine had neck and back pain for several days.

One of the children that attends Healing Rooms Kids came up to Katherine during worship time and asked Katherine if her neck or back hurt.  The child prayed for Katherine and she was healed.  Katherine hurt the most when she climbed into her car.  After prayer, she was able to get in her vehicle pain free!

Miracle At "The Study In The Healing Word"

Mary's left wrist was hurting.  After one of the instructors received a word of knowledge and prayed for her, Mary's wrist was healed.